January 20, 2012

  • What’s for lunch

    I’m on a high fiber, low fat diet. It is tough, but I’m feeling much healthier. Here is lunch from a local deli. Tofu, mozzarella, broccoli, greens and a little chicken. I miss my old meals, but am getting healthy for my kids.

    What’s for lunch for you today?

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  • lunch for me was nachos…. haha

    your lunch looks good, though! :)

  • Looks delicious. I might have a sandwich later. We’ll see!

  • eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, grapefruit juice

  • that looks good :)  

    chicken patty

  • I had a cheese sandwich for lunch.

    For evening meal (I had some French bread) with Fish bites.     Mains   Chicken Kiev,  vegetables and potato wedges.

  • It really does look good but my cheeseburger was really, really good!

  • Most days I don’t eat breakfast or lunch but man, that is way too many vegetables. Vegetables aren’t food. Vegetables are what my food eats.

  • corn dog….ewwwwww

  • I made chicken salad with green onion, cherries and chopped walnuts and made a sandwich on those ridiculous little round, thin pieces of bread. Plus a few red grapes and about a dozen Pringles.

  • wendy’s. burp

  • Now I feel unhealthy for getting an order of oily (but yummy) lo mein and string beans. This looks so good! (:

  • I’d rather have our lunch! That looks really good!

  • Lunch was beef stew.  Supper was bean chili.  Yours looks pretty interesting.

  • Did I eat lunch today? My sleep/food schedule is so weird nowadays I can’t even keep track. :/

  • a salad.  i miss food.

  • I’ve been eating a lot of Chinese food recently…. that means noodles, wonton, char siew bao and bah kut teh.

  • I’ve been eating a lot of Chinese food recently…. that means noodles, wonton, char siew bao and bah kut teh.

  • I tried a low fat diet before and it was the worst. I got sick all the time and didn’t have much energy at all. It’s how I learned fat is good for you!

    Fat really gets a bad name, but isn’t it where all the nutrients and such are? When I tried a low fat diet I naturally started eating much more sugar ‘n carbs to get the energy, and things spiraled downwards from there. I felt like I was starving! Now I eat lots of fat, from natural sources, lots of meat, mostly chicken breast, and tons of fruits, veggies, and nuts. I don’t drink coffee, or tea, or anything like that, and everyone at work is like, “What do you eat! You have so much energy and never get sick!”. Haha I’m kinda off the wall sometimes!

    By high fat I mean things like beef, walnuts, almonds, avocados, olive oil, milk, cheese, chocolate and other such natural sources. I dunno.. when I eat fast food or stuff like that I feel sick, have no energy, and my heart starts beating fast. That kinda fat is definitely garbage. I just eat the stuff I would eat if I were an animal, which I am^^!! An animal would never touch grains or rice! Eewww they taste awful raw! They’re just empty carbs with almost no nutrition. After I took them out of my diet I realized how void they really are when you substitute them for veggies and meat.

    Anyways, you should check out Mark’s Daily Apple. It’s free! When I came across it I was already doing that kind of a diet and just thought, “Yeah totally! He’s so right!”. Science supports it too. It helped me refine my diet more. You won’t have to give up much either. Try it! I recommend it ’cause I went from low energy to super high energy! You should read all the stories too, from people who could never get healthy, and it’s so easy and natural.

    Carbs and low fat are evil! At least in my world!


  • Hehhe I kinda sound like a commercial! You don’t hafta buy anything though. I’m only selling energy! For free! That’s all!

  • Try Atkins instead. I am on a high protein, high fat, low Carb diet & have lost 10 pounds in about 9 days. I am never hungry. Its great! :)

  • It looks pretty good.

  • Usually salad. But today veggie tacos

  • So are you like really the head honcho dude around here?  That’s pretty unusual for a social networking site… lol

  • @livingcracked – What’s unusual?

  • @john - Well it’s not like Mark Zuckerberg actually responds to comments on FB or anything.  Just think it’s cool that the top dawgs here are actually part of the community :)

  • That looks better than anything else I can think of,good choice! I had a Greek Salad. <3

  • Looks good enough to eat… I had corn on the cob for my lunch.

  • Good for you ! (& the kids)

    That sounds really good. I may borrow that meal plan soon.
    Carrot- apple -broccoli juice today
    tomorrow maybe grilled turkey, mushroom, broccoli ( not juice. Lol)

  • Considering it’s only 8:04 here in Arizona, and I won’t eat lunch for another four hours, I believe I am having a good ole’ bologna sandwich.

  • @john - What’s unusual is that you are letting somene talk about being homicidal toward me and you are doing nothing about it.  Who is that person to you?  You’re executive CEO of this place.  Tonight, July 30, 12, he spoke about having homicidal urges toward me and put up a photo of my neighborhood.

    That wouldn’t be fine with you if it happened to your wife.  You’d take action in a NY nanosecond.  Your family matters to you.

    You are responsible for doing something about this, do it now, it’s been going on for two months.

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