Month: April 2009

  • [protected with Friends Lock]

    Just kidding.  I wouldn't go Friends Locked on you.

    Friends Lock is one of those things that's great when you use it... but you kinda wish nobody else did.  It's like Caller ID... it's great when you can screen your own calls.  But it's no fun to have your calls screened!

    The Xanga equivalent: it's mildly irritating when you see a username in your footprints and you go to click on it... and the site is Friends Locked.

    Then again, if you're having trouble with someone bothering you... you kinda have to use Caller ID or Friends Lock.  So there's that.  I saw a CSI:NY recently where a woman was being stalked, and she turned to extreme measure to get her life back.  The internet can be a scary place, which is why we built privacy features like this.

    Have you ever had to use Friends Lock?  How did it work for you?

  • Thanks Sungball!

    Sungball found a bug with the new Facebook pinger thingy!  The optout checkbox doesn't work in Safari... son of a gun.  It worked in Firefox, Firefox for the Mac, and IE... but not Safari.

    Turns out one of our backend controls isn't fluent in Safari-ese.  We're patching it with a fix now... it should be fixed on Monday it's fixed now!

    Thanks for the bug report, Sungball!  Much obliged.