March 31, 2011

  • It is getting harder not to kill my son

    A bit of a dangerous day… Charlie has learned how to climb chairs and open doors.

    Here he is yesterday, climbing up on a chair and “computing” (or what passes for it):

    Then today, he figured out how to open the door to his playroom… and when I left the apartment this morning to head out to work, he tried to open the door to my apartment building!

    After I walk out the doors in the morning, he climbs up onto the window sill to wave goodbye to his old man:

    Even with constant adult supervision, he is always climbing up on things and trying to escape from the little prisons we construct for him.  Honestly, it’s a miracle he is still alive!

    Did you ever fall and hurt yourself as a kid?

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  • kill him with hugs and cuddles you mean

  • Once as a baby I wriggled out of my dad’s arms and fell on the floor.  I’m sure it tramatized him, but I turned out just fine :)

  • awwwwwwwwwwwww

  • My mom dropped me on my head ( oh so I heard) and i’m just fine, I think.  You’re kid is too cute to kill.

  • Babies are awesome. Especially when they belong to someone else.

    Now you’re in trooooouble, man. Sure, you could go out and buy those doorknob locks, but we learned that it’s more likely to only prevent other adults from opening the door. Those sneaky kids bypass all of your security measures eventually.

    Good luck!

  • I fell out of a moving car and survived with some bruises and abrasions. Kids are tougher than they look.

  • Yes I was a pretty much clumsy child,  this was when my parents discovered about my disability more.

  • Oh no, he’s mobile and ready to go! Watch out, move everything, hide everything, block everything! :)

  • =) .  I apparently used to bump my head against the low sink a lot to the point where it was bleeding.  I’m still good though!  (waits for jokes…)

  • He is one healthy, happy looking little guy.  He will keep Daddy and Mommy on their toes for sure.  It’s a wonder so many  of our young ones survive!

  • I fell and hurt myself loads of times when I was a youngster. Including once when I fell off the couch and smacked my head into the corner of the coffee table, thereby tearing a three-inch gash into the back of my head. Another time I rode my bike down the hill in back of my house, hit the wrong brake (the front one), and flipped over the handlebars and into the gravel.

    Missed a broken glass bottle by inches.

  • I was in a playpen on the front porch (which was rather high and had a couple small trees in front of it, dad turned his back and I was climbing over the playpen rail and about to be on top of the porch railing (it was like right next to it) o____o Needless to say, he wore me out and my mom almost killed him XD

  • Oh, boy.  This is so familiar to me.  My oldest climbed out of his stroller at the mall and was lost for what seemed like an eternity.  Same kid also left the house to walk to the playground at the church behind our house.  My youngest figured out how to unzip his crib tent (meant to keep the wandering toddler contained) from the inside (the zipper pull is on the outside…).  They are now respectively 21 and 17 years of age.  Still alive, but they scared the crap out of me more than once when they were that little.  Keep vigilant!!

  • So cute! I don’t remember falling or hurting myself as a kid. I hope Charlie never gets hurt! 

  • Hehehe, oh yeah. Broke a few bones, bit off the end of my tongue, fun times, all in all.

  • More times than I can remember, John. Child proofing a home is a hard thing to do!

  • awwww my weee cousn could open saftey locks   people say babies and toddlers cant  do alot ohhh boy there so wrong

  • Awwww!!! So adorable! =3 I climbed anything and everything, a habit that I still carry to this day. =P

  • Hah — time for a hook or slider lock at the top of the door!

  • Once I jumped from the deck on the second floor of our house.  I didn’t actually get hurt, like no broken bones or anything, but the landing hurt enough that I didn’t do it again.  And later I challenged my sister to a jumping contest from our stairs.  I landed safely on the floor, she landed in the wall.  She busted her lip against it and there was blood everywhere.

  • I don’t think I ever hurt myself too badly as a kid. What’s the power wag all about? I can’t wait to have kids.

  • I fell and got hurt all the time! Skinned knees and stubbed toes – the banes childhood.

  • He’s turning out to be a Houdini. David Copperfield stand aside !

  • now I know where you live!

    (not really)

  • I would play hide and seek and my favorite place to hide was under the couch. I also chewed on razors (razors for shaving) whenever I could. I also thought I could fly cause I’d climb into a tree and jump out. I turned out okay! Haha

  • One cute customer.

  • I didn’t hurt myself that much when I was littler but my dad accidentally threw me up too high and I hit the headboards of the bed. I had to get a stitch in my forehead =_____=

    Yeah, it’s so hard taking care little children. They get so smart eventually.

  • Yep. When I first learned to ride a bike. :P

  • That’s why I always considered a day without bloodshed a success!

    Charlie is so adorable. Thanks for the smiles.

  • Wait until he is a teenager.  It will be easier to kill him.

  • Hello, sorry to bother you, but, is your ad bug supposed to pop up over the entire right side of all comments in my posts, and scroll with them so I can’t read them? Would someone please look into that? thx 

  • I climbed a lot of trees as a kid and broke my fair share of branches that couldn’t hold my weight…lol.  I’ve been stabbed by the sharp point of a broken branch.  I’ve jumped off the second story of my house, flown off of my bike while charging downhill at full speed, been bitten in the face by a dog, and once nearly drowned in the deep end of a pool when I couldn’t swim.  I think it’s pretty damn miraculous that I’ve made it this far in life.

  • nah i never did not from what i remember anyway

    he is in the stage of learning and babies do not have limits or sense of danger.    i see you are letting him explore his surroundings/environment.  nice to see!!

  • I would be having minor heart attacks everytime I see a baby climbing or stumbling.  My brother apparently stumbled down the stairs when he was small.  He had 2 small lumps on his forehead and they looked like 2 small horns.  My very religious grandmother thought there was something satanic going on. 
    I really enjoy both your blogs especially when they feature Charlie. 

  • Bahh! He’s so adorable.

    When I was two, my mom was trying to take a nap and I climbed and turn on our gas stove.

  • My sister dropped me when I was a baby. She apparently caught my foot just before my head hit the floor. This blog title made me do a double take LOL. Glad all ended well, and he’s just adorable!

  • he’s beautiful<3

  • OMG! He’s adorable!
    I love his eyes the most! ^_^

    I’ve looked at some baby pictures and there’s a couple with a giant scab on the side of my forehead. I asked my mom about it. Apparently, we napped in bed one day. I woke up and climbed over her prone body… and fell off the bed.

    Stuff like that happens.
    Kids are resilient and fragile.

    Are you waking up half an hour early to record these moments of your son?

  • I was famous at the ER!

  • There was one time where I accidentally tripped and fell on top of a
    rusted nail attached to a  wooden board that once formed part of the
    fence (this was at a neighbor’s house). The nail pierced through my lip
    and I was bleeding profusely. To make things worse, I had contracted
    tetanus. I was rushed to the emergency room thereafter. Once I was
    treated for the tetanus and was stabilized, they stitched me up.

    Charlie is adorable.

  • Just give him to me. I’ll keep him safe.

  • @Diva_Jyoti_3 -  so true! known to have happened!! ^,^
    @Automaton_Emotion -  lol. that happened to me a few times. especially on toys. i could not figure out on some adult things but then my 6 year old son taught me a thing or two on how to operate them. sometimes i would have had it for years and whoa, there he goes, learning how to use it within a few hours of capturing them in his hands. all the while, i never knew it exist!! lol.

    @Margo73 - yepp… had to deal with that not to long ago. i have other two kids and i have forgotten what it was like to have curious active child until recently when i realized all the things i have down and out were all being exposed by the 2 year old. oh man. lol. i have not had a two year old for 4 years. i think i am done having children  but i still want to have babies. lol. 

    @grammarboy -  oh you will find out. when times come, you will find out. kids will scare the crap out of you because they are always on the move and in danger! especially the first child. but then when you have the third kid [[ if all within time limit ]] you would get the hang of it, and STILL be on the tip of your toes by the things they do! seriously kids have no understanding of danger when they are too curious. ^,^

    Now as for me. I don’t recall any accidents nor stories my mother tells me of … i think i grew up in a sheltered home so i may never had any injury such as. but that was only when i was a teenager. lol.

  • I hurt myself falling a lot, mostly because my older sister and her friends were chasing me. It always happened just before my grandmother yelled, “Stop that or someone is going to get hurt!” I thought she was psychic! What a handsome lad you have there! And, excuse me, are you not the one encouraging him to open the door? We used to distract my granddaughter when we unlocked the seatbelt on her car seat so she wouldn’t learn how to do it from us. She was a smart one too! 

  • Your kid is impossibly adorable – moreso in video. :)  

  • Hurt myself? Never broken anything as a kid, but I did fall on the blade of a machete when I was 4. It got stuck in my chin (I was running with it and fell, don’t ask…), my father wasn’t watching me too closely and my mom FREAKED when she saw me.  :facepalm:

    I feel your worry though, as the father of a 2+ yr/old boy, I have spent a small fortune on saftey stuff. From door knob covers and latches, to foam table corners…. Sometimes there is nothing you can do and they just have to learn the hard way.  Cute kid btw! 

  • Wow, he’s a cutie! I was a tree climber, and yes I fell a few. I guess I did when I was your son’s age too. He is going to be a handful. What you have to watch out for is if he pulls a chair over to the stove and pulls down a pot of boiling something on himself and gets scalded. There are a few kids in the burn units each year that have done that and it is really bad. Scalds are one of the worst. Also getting hold of the hot knob in the tub, etc. One of my nephews learned how to pull open the drawers on the chest of drawers at varying levels to use as stairs, and walked right up to get a toy that had been put up there, but it could have been something dangerous instead. He tried something like that with a cabinet and pulled it over on himself. It was light enough that he was ok. I’m not trying to scare you, just giving you my experiences. That nephew today is an engineer in charge of international construction projects. He was too smart for his own good.


  • I busted my head open at 16 months and then again in the same spot when I was like 10 or 11.

  • My parents never mentioned to me if they ever dropped me. They just said that when I would try to walk and fall I would just start crying and when I had a colic and she would rock me back and forth so much that she’d get tired and fall asleep in the swinging chair that one time she almost lost hold of me.

  • Aww So adorable!  But to answer your question: Not that I remember. However, I can still remember a number of kids falling down and such. They’re all okay now, though. What I used to do is get lost. In different countries even ( just a couple, nothing much.) Yeah, I must’ve been a joy to have around. xD  

    Epic title, btw! 

  • He is so precious! :) :)

  • he’s adorable!

  • You had some work in cleaning up your comments. Sorry you had to do that in your personal space on your own time.

    That kid is still adorable. ;)

  • Oh gosh your son is so adorable, esp when he was trying to open the front door!! haha How old is he again? :) I’m pretty sheltered so the only time I hurt myself was when I told ( i can’t remember) I was swinging on the washing line, fell off and hit my head on the concrete…think i was bleeding but no stitches etc That’s about it.

  • I am using temp software right now (because I am working on it at the same time) so I am unable to view the videos. I am sure they are cute. 

  • I’m pretty sure that I jumped off something while wearing a towel as a cape.  No, the “cape” didn’t impart any flying ability, although I’m pretty certain I never injured myself too severely.

  • My brother fell down a flight of basement stairs after the cat opened the door. He turned out alright. Minus his flat nose, but I’m pretty sure that’s genetic…

  • when our dryer broke my mom set up some intricate clotheslines throughout our basement, and told me not to swing on them, so naturally I decide to swing on them and fell right into and open box of her “good china” that happed to be on the floor near the clothesline, I broke nearly all the plates and a shard of glass cut in to my back, I was grounded for weeks, I still have the scar on my back lolol good times 

  • It’s a miracle i’m still here. I was your son x 10…I’d accidentally cut myself playing with scissors and knives that I’d somehow miraculously get access to and obtain, I’d climb any and everything, I’d wander out of the house (one time, I wandered away from my mother in a SEOUL SUBWAY STATION…and somehow beat her back home, waiting for her while peeing in my pants), I almost got ran over by a city bus at 4 years old, ‘cos I learned how to ride a two-wheel bike and was zooming around on my own.

    There’s so much more…really…I shouldn’t even be here typing this right now. lol

  • The power wag! Yep, my ovaries just exploded.

  • Ohhh boy. So cute. I fell on the bunk bed. Top bunk, back hit the ground. Ouch. But I’m good!

  • omg your son is adorable!

  • oh god john, he is so adorable.  that powerwag?!?!?!! priceless!

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