Month: April 2010

  • I Dream of Charlie

    When my alarm went off this morning, I was in the middle of a dream about giving a bath to my four-month old son.

    All I remember is the last few seconds of the dream: I was looking around the tub and couldn’t see Charlie anywhere.  So I put my hands underwater, and there he was hidden under the surface of the water?!?  When I pulled him up, he wasn’t breathing and his eyes were black and blue.  I must’ve forgotten he was in the tub and he had drowned!!

    I woke up and was in a full panic!  So of course I had to go to the nursery and see him right away, just to make sure he was still alive.  There he was, playing happily as he smiled up at me…

    Thank goodness, Charlie!!  You gave me quite a scare…

    That’s the first dream I can remember in six years or so… what a doozy.

  • Hoppy Easter from all of us at Xanga!

    I joked to my wife a few years ago about changing my last name to Xanga… she was supportive of the idea, which shows that she’s the best Xangan ever!

    Anyway she and I and the whole Xanga team would like to wish you all a Hoppy Easter!  And to express the idea visually, my wonderful wife asked me to hold up our 16.5 week old son while she took pictures of him dresed as the Easter bunny:

    Most people would only buy one bunny costume, but she showed true dedication in getting a backup outfit:

    “Hop hop,” says Charlie Xanga.

    Hope you had a great weekend!!